Is there a newer WDTV that will play YouTube?

I have the WDTV Live SMP model # WDBHG70000NBK-01 and as we all know, YouTube will no longer work (I do NOT want YouTube Leanback!).

In the distance, I can faintly hear the fat lady warming up to sing for the funeral of WDTV SMP as WD tech support on fixing broken firmware for just “ain’t gonna happen”.

Us natives here are restless… LOL

Is there an “newer” WDTV box that will still play YouTube (not Leanback!) or should I just invest in Roku and forget WD?

Yes I think you are right that they seem to be washing their hands of the SMP.  In fact I just received an email from WD support saying that Youtube is still supported because the Youtube Leanback app still woriks.  I guess to them the fact that the app will lock up the box requiring a power down and reset does not affect its function.  Doesn’t look very promising for the customer.