Is there a NAS with USB connection for WD TV?

There is a NAS with USB connection for WD TV ?

such as copying files across the network and play directly from the NAS…


I have a netgear Stora it does have a USB port not sure if you can go directly into the WD live that way but I know you can do it through the ethernet that is how mine is set up and I use the usb to put all my external hard drives through. This way it only shows the stora and then a folder for each hard drive so far I have the hard drive in the stora and 6 1Tb externals and all is good so far. Now a buddy did tell me that if you take an ethernet cat5E cable and do something with the wires wire it diferently then it would link any 2 devices directly I am sure it is like a crossover cable.

Not a good idea. USB is MUCH slower than eithernet. You’re much better off running eithernet cables for both your router-NAS & router-WD connections. It’s both faster and more robust.

The only tricky thing with the eithernet-NAS approach is that you have to select “network shares” rather than the default “media server” to get access to DVD ISO files. My Netgear NAS required me to set up a “share” account with password. Given the lousy Netgear documentation, it took me an hour or so to figure it out… after spending hours to figure out that I needed a “shares” account. It would take at least another hour to get it to work using the USB port, and I’d have a slower connection to boot!

Yes but they’re called USB Drives. LOL <That’s the sarcasm font by the way.