Is there a Mac version of Thumbgen ?... or same kind?


Is there a Mac version of Thumbgen ?.. or same kind ?

Or… is it planned to get one?

JoeySmith gave me this link :

Unfortunately, the beta of Movie Guy Builder is out of date… Impossible to launch. And the program won’t be updated beacause it looks it has been canceled…

Many thanks+

That would be a question for the creator of Thumbgen. I would love to see a Mac version but i have set my Mac to dual boot and use Thumbgen in windows

I should not say it (as I am in a very early stage of development/testing) but the next TG version will (most probably) run on Linux (including a NAS for example) and Mac too :slight_smile:

Will be a new concept, very flexible (sometimes I think _too_ flexible). The only impediment is… time :slight_smile:  But by keeping things simple for the first release (only 2 default collectors and only basic functionality) I hope to have soon some alpha release :wink: I only hope it will not come too late, when all devices are running Android and everybody is using xbmc… then there’s no place for TG in this world anymore :slight_smile:

Great to here this

i will never run an android. but if you plan on developing anything for BB10 im in