Is there a finial answer on forced subtitles?

I am confused about forced subtitles and backing up a blu-ray onto the WD TV Live Hub.  I have search this forum and Google but I can’t find a straight answer to a solution.

I have been remuxing the movie off the blu-ray into a m2ts file that contains the different audio tracks and subtitles.    I like doing this to maintain quality but forced subtitles don’t show up.

Now if I rip the movie and render the forced subtitle to the video it works but I lower the quality.

If it comes down to it I can rip movies that contain forced subtitles, but there is no way of telling if a movie has forced subtitles or not.

So here is the question plain and simple how do you deal with forced subtitles on the WD TV Live Hub when you backup from a blu-ray? 

What you mean with force subtitles? Embedded? If that is the case, I can convert my Blu Ray to M2TS and use the embedded subs.

Forced subtitles are the subtitles that are displayed even though subtitles are turned off.   When the dialog is not English then the subtitles need to be displayed.   The subtitles are not rendered to the video so the Blu-ray can be multi-lingual.   If the dialog is in German for instants then the appropriate forced subtitle will be displayed.  It is done by flagging the necessary subtitles as forced in the subtitle track.  It seem that the WD TV Live Hub does not recognize the forced flag.

I would like to know if there has been a solution for these forced subtitles on the WD TV Live Hub.