Is there a difference with USA WDTV live models and European models settings:1080p/23,976

I wonder if there is a difference between USA and European models?

Reason for asking i saw on YouTube an option which we do not have.

At 4:34 minutes there you can see this:

1080p / 23,976

Question is this only for USA models?

Funky:  It used to be there, but it is no longer.   24fps is the norm.   It should be fine to stream 23.976 fps materials at 24.000Hz, though it theoretically results in an extra frame every 40 seconds or so…  

If you notice the firmware on this device is 1.01.00. You also don’t get HD video from youtube anymore.

the problem was not the wd tv live :angry:

It’s my Panasonic Plasma

480i (60 Hz) n/a
480p (60 Hz) n/a
576i (50 Hz) n/a
576p (50 Hz) n/a
720p (50 Hz) n/a
720p (60 Hz) n/a
1080i (50 Hz) n/a
1080i (60 Hz) n/a
1250i (50 Hz) n/a
1080p (50 Hz) (alleen HDMI) n/a
1080p (60 Hz) (alleen HDMI) n/a

Time for a new one, bigger and maybe on the CES there will be a Pana with full Kuro technology.

I did not download the latest firmware

Current Firmware - 1.04.17 (12/2010) |  Release Notes