Is there a better Hulu Plus client for this box?

I must say, the included Hulu Plus client for this machine is awful.  It’s slow, you can’t browse by genre and, when you are sifting through shows, it only show the first part of the show description then cuts off.  I mean, If I see a television show I know nothing about, if I want to read the description, I only get the first 20 or so words.  I’ve looked for different screens but I don’t see any other than individual episode description screens which are fine.

Hulu Plus is great on my computer but on this box, meh.  Any suggestions or should I just have the mindset of “That’s what you get for a $99 machine”?

Thanks in advance.

It’s the same client on every Hulu Plus set-top-box, as far as I know. It’s identical, at least, to my TiVo and last time I looked, the Roku…

So do you notice what I am describing?  Does that happen on your box as well?

It’s been ages since I tried. I dropped Hulu Plus last year.