Is there a Backup Solution for external drives?

I have two WD external drives where I store all my pictures and video media.  I have a Macbook pro with a bootcamp partition, which partially dedicates the internal hard drive to Windows and Mac, but does not have enough storage space so I use external drives too.  One external drive is dedicated to my Mac and one is dedicated to my Windows.  I am searching for the best solution for online back-up for each of these external drives.  Many online back-up services only backup the main internal drive.  Has anyone found a good solution? 

Hi there, the best solution is to manually make more backups into more devices, like DVDs/Blu-Rays or other external drives, that’s what most of us do in here since the idea of a “backup” is to be able to get the data from at least 2 completely different places, in case one of them is to fail.

All my data is synchronized between my Desktop, NetBook, external drives and DLDVDs just to make sure…