Is there a 8 tb img here and step by step instruction


If you are trying to use an 8TB drive then this is the entry you want.



Ok here is where it stops

Partition number? 0
Error: Partition doesn’t exist.
(parted) mklabel gpt
Warning: Partition(s) on /dev/sdb are being used.
Ignore/Cancel? i
Warning: The existing disk label on /dev/sdb will be destroyed and all data on
this disk will be lost. Do you want to continue?
Yes/No? y
(parted) mkpart primary 528M 2576M
(parted) mkpart primary 2576M 4624M
(parted) mkpart primary 16M 528M
(parted) mkpart primary 4828M 100%
(parted) mkpart primary 4624M 4724M
(parted) mkpart primary 4724M 4824M
(parted) mkpart primary 4824M 4826M
(parted) mkpart primary 4826M 4828M
(parted) set 1 raid on
(parted) set 2 raid on
(parted) quit
Information: You may need to update /etc/fstab.

rickt1962@rickt1962-Aspire-5517:~$ sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sdb4
mke2fs 1.42.9 (4-Feb-2014)
/dev/sdb4 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!


I found that when I get that message after doing the partitioning I have to reboot Linux, and as indicated above I typically rerun the apt-get update && apt-get install mdadm after rebooting Linux. Double check with fdisk -l post reboot to ensure the 8TB drive hasn’t changed from the /dev/sdb location.


Thank you for helping with this !!! I will reboot tomorrow :slight_smile:


I have a (working) 2nd gen 6TB that I want to upgrade to an 8TB. Once I start the process, if I ran into problems and wanted to just put the 6TB drive back in, would it still work…or am I pretty much committed once I start the process?


As long as you didn’t do anything to the 6TB disk. It will work when you put it back.


Which process? If you haven’t started yet, make sure to follow the directions for teh second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units as their unbricking process is different than those used on the first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud units.

As long as you didn’t make any changes to that 6TB drive you should be able to swap it back into the My Cloud drive enclosure and boot it up without issue. Once you; format, repartition, or remove firmware files from that 6TB drive it may not longer boot properly.