Is the write 0 drive could be used after writing 0s? is format not enough

Hi, Is the write 0s options for cleaning the drive or making the drive not to be used after for ever? Please clarify.Is format the drive not enough to fix any kind of fix of partition or correction of bad sectors?
If the drive could not be used further by one or to kill physical disk, this write 0s are opted? Hope some would clarify .
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Writing zeros doesn’t destroy the drive, only the data.

Thanks for your timely answer. Would that destroy all the partitions, including unallocated logical drives. Or should i use diskpart to clean the drive. What is the different between the two

Well, it depends on how you do it. It can overwrite the partition table if you tell it to.

The problem is that i could not select some small unallocated partitions in it. How to do it. I want to clean and format the drive as if i bought it from store. Moreover, is it possible for physical damage to hard disk, which is covered in your hard ware cabin, or not touched by us at any time of install. we only once, insert and screw it.
Is there any fixed amount of rotation for a hard disk? if that reaches, you are bound to get failing process?
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