Is the WD5000AAKX advanced format?

Newegg (and a number of other online retailers) say that the WD5000AAKX is an advanced format drive. Yet, when I tried to use the WD Align utility to realign the drive, it claimed that the drive is not advanced format. So is this drive advanced format? I was under the impression that all drive models since 2010 are AF, and the WD5000AAKX is a new model…

No, it is not.  NewEgg is wrong.

Only some Caviar Green and some AV drives are AF at this point.

It would say right on the drive’s label if it was… and tell you how to set the jumpers for XP.


According to the model number you own a WD Caviar Blue drive, these drives doesnt have the AF technology, if you would like to have an advanced format drive I would recommend a WD Caviar Green or a WD Scorpio Black (2.5 inches drives).-