Is the "WD Elements Play" dead?

Can anyone at WD give us a simple straight answer:

Is WD going to launch a firmware update to address the dozens of requests and complaints of the owners of this player?

Considering the drive JUST came out a few months ago, I seriously doubt it is “dead”.

As for the firmware updates, just like all other developers i’m sure WD will release one when its ready and if they feel one is needed.

It seems WD spends a lot of effort on the TV Live & TV Live Plus, and none on the Elements Play (being in the same category as the MINI is, by the way, a very “bad” indicator… as i doubt the MINI will have a new firmware)

I couldnt agree more. the most obvious fault with this player is the constant frame judder that has been mentioned so many times all over the internet. WD seem to be just ducking the issue and this will reflect in any future purchases i may now not make!!!

I’m kinda of the suspicion that WD doesn’t write the firmware for the AmLogic players.    :smileyvery-happy: