Is the My Cloud Mirror POE compatible? (Gen1)

Is the My Cloud Mirror POE compatible? (Gen1)
Is it fully compatible with the 1GB Ethernet? If not…
Is it fully compatible with 100MB Ethernet?

My application is that I’d like to install my My Cloud Mirror in an under ground box outside my home and use POE to power it. A POE compliant wall transformer type power supply would inject the 48 Vdc onto the Cat 6 ethernet cable and on the device end a POE compliant 48 Vdc to 12 Vdc switching power supply device would split the ethernet and send the 12 Vcd to the My Cloud Mirror. I want to know if the My Cloud Mirror can handle the noise that a POE compliant switching power supply could generate while operating at 1GB ethernet speed and if not, will it still work at the 100MB speed.

Please advise. Thanks, spiersk1

It does not support Power Over Ethernet and requires its own power adapter.

It is a Gigabit unit.

The WD My Cloud Home requires its own power source. clear.

My question is, using the supplied power adapter, if I connect the drive to the ethernet cable directly (in a POE network), Can it harm the drive because of power coming in from the ethernet cable?

Most importantly, Will the Drive access the internet normally?


Power comes from the POE Sender/Receiver … not the ethernet cable

I’ve been using the WD MyCloud connected to a Modem/Router which is connected via POE for years and have not had any issues.

No because it has to be connected to your Modem/Router which contains all your ISP Login / Passwords / Configuration / Account Settings to … “Get on the Internet”

You can’t set any of those ISP Settings on your WD MyCloud … so it MUST be connected to a Modem/Router … and then you can use whatever you like ie. POE, LAN, WI-Fi etc

First of all, Thanks for the prompt reply Joey.

So.let me see if I got this. For the initial setup the WDMy Cloud Home must be connected to a router, then I can direct connect to POE?

I guess I will be thanking you again soon.

Just to complement, Can I connect to a router, say at a friends house and then to POE at my house?


POE = Power Over Ethernet

Because each house has there own internal power circut.

Ask an Electrician.

What you are asking is only possible via The WD MyCould’s Remote Access feature … which has nothing to do with POE … and everything to do with having your MyCloud connected directly to a Modem/Router with Internet Access and Remote Access feature enabled. (but … you won’t get the same speed as a Local Area Network your ‘Home’ network)

Remote Access in the User Manual … start reading from page 60 and onwards


Apologies, I was not clear.

My issue with the router in the apartment building that I live is long, I am not going to bother you with this.

My idea is to connect my WD Home Cloud at my friend’s house, disconnect, move it to my house, then re-connect via POE. But after I realized it would have my friend’s setting on it and not the one in the building where I live.

Anyway, thanks for all the support.

All the best, Leo_WD

You can move the MyCloud from house to house with no issues … as long as DHCP is enabled and not a Static IP.

You can’t connect to the MyCloud connected at one house from another house … unless you use Remote Access.

What you want to do (from your original statement and others) … is simply Not Possible

I can’t add any more info for something that can’t be done.