Is the my cloud a solution for me?


I have been slack on my data backup solution, using portable hard drives and today my 1 tb drive failed on me, again 

I am thinking the MyCloud is a solution for me but have a few questions that I haven’t found the answers to, maybe someone can help?

  1. I am presuming the MyCloud is more robust than a portable drive, but it still isn’t fail safe - is that a correct assumption? So I still need another back up somewhere…

  2. Does my cloud have the option of real cloud storage? or do you just link it to dropbox / google cloud?

  3. I prefer a back up of my laptops, but not a direct copy ie if I delete something on my laptop it shouldn’t auromatically delete the file on the cloud (dropbox does this).  Is this possible? Or does it archive old versions so they can be retrieved?

Thanks :slight_smile:

1- More robust?  I doubt that very much; there’s far more that can go wrong.  

     NO storage is “fail safe.”  

2- “Real Cloud Storage?”  What’s that?  And no, there’s no linking it to Dropbox / Google Cloud.

3- Yes, that’s what SmartWare can do.


I’m not sure if I’m reading either the questions or the answers correctly, but you do have a link to Dropbox through SmartWare, as well as through the mobile app.  However, you do need to have a pre-existing Dropbox account.