Is the My Book "Live" necessary with my setup?

I noticed the My Book has the Live version now. I wondered if it was necessary as I am ready to add my second 2TB drive to my system. My setup right now is:

-WDTV Hub in livingroom connected to a 2TB Seagate drive and hard wired to my network.

-WDTV Live in the basement hardwired to the network where I stream from the Hub and Seagate upstairs.

I want to add a second 2TB drive to the WDTV Live downstairs and wondered if the MY Book Live was necessary or if I can just go with the basic My Book.


You can still use regular USB drives…

The My Book Live is just a new NAS platform.   It’s not really related to the “WDTV Live” products, other than it works well with them, too…