Is the My Book 8TB suitable for 24/7 use?

My PC is always on and I do video editing. I also encode videos to the drive.

Reason I ask is that I previously used the Seagate Archive 8TB drives and had lots of problems such as files with portions of video going missing and the drives failing. I know they were only supposed to be for cold strorage but there was no alternative in that price range at the time.

I would think it would, although I would be sure that the My Book sleep mode is active so that when drive is not being used the drive will stop spinning to save wear and tear on the drive.

I’d watch it close to start with to make sure I’ve just taken all the data off a 6tb tried running 24/7 and put back on 3yr and 5yr drives that have been running 24/7 since they were all new with utorrent reading continious and I trust them more
drive wasn’t turning off was like going into standby mode but I’d be working on sorting videos, audio or utorrent would have active files then get warnings while working it couldn’t read drive, sometimes I could then go in and read files on drive sometimes just an empty master folders 1 folder was 1tb audio, not sure how may sub folders but 41,000 files thought I’d lost, when transfered back to original drives some files were damaged
but I’d pull power on it for a mintue then plug back in and be away again but whether would be a few days or a few hours