Is the hub secure?

just plugged it into router via ethernet and it now shows in my sidebar on my mac, im able to access it straight away and there are no passwords or anything, is this going to be secure? or will neighbors see my hub? sorry if its a stupid question i know its probably only available to comps on my network just want to be sure

They would only see it if they had access to your network. I assume that any WiFi you have is secured with a password.

Yeah, it’s only available to computers on your network.  However, if your WIFI is wide open with no security, then if your neighbors connected to WIFI, they would be on your network and would have access to any shared drives.

Rich you beat me by 40 seconds… lol

great minds think alike :wink:

… and if that’s a concern, you CAN put a User ID and Password on the drive so that anyone trying to access it via SAMBA will have to log in.

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yeah my wifi is secure, can i just ask, to save opening another thread, i copied a movie over to test from my macbook wirelessely, and it took 2 mins for a 700mb file, yet from my imac a 12mb file is taking 7 minutes? same network and nothings downloading?

There are way too many reasons for something like that to happen.  I’m a PC user so pardon my ignorance to MAC’s. 

Probably the most obvious would be to check your connection rate of your iMac to the internet and experiment with file transfer speeds from your laptop to your iMac.

One issue could be the computer itself.  Make sure there are no fictions happening on the iMac that could slow down the read/write speed of the hard drive, everything has its limits.  

Recently I was having extremely slow network speeds.  I later realized one of my hard drives was failing (not even the drive I was coping from).  After removing the bad drive, my network speeds we’re normal again.

Maybe experiment with different files and different file types.  Could be something as simple as a problematic file.