Is the file transfer speed over network faster than the WDTVLive Plus?

I have a WDTVLive Plus and the file transfer speed over network is very slow.  Is this improved with the WDTV Live Hub?

There has been much debate over this and I believe most people are getting around 10 to 14MB/sec. The sales blurb states gigabit but you will never achieve that. WD are a bit touchy about this because I entered into a dialogue with their technical department but they would not give me a definitive answer. There is an explanation on this forum by someone more clever than me that explains the reasons why the “gigabit” tag will not actually give gigabit speed. The bottom line apears to be that it is not possible to get gigabit transfer speeds with any media players at this cost level. I hope 10 to 14 is enough for you.

I presume you are referring to sending a large file from your PC to the drive attached to the Live Plus and vice versa.

Since you guys brought it up, I just tested my setup’s file transfer speed by sending and receiving the same ISO file here at the PC, to and from the Live Plus.  I have a fast Win  7 PC, and fast network (internet download speed of 30mbps  – I mention this so I know my network can handle this speed)  Two Hitachi 7200 rpm drives on either end; one is internal to the PC. Wireless not used for test, as the network is fully wired.  The network speed is 100mbps via a Linksys WRT54G router.  There are 4-port network switches at each end, but I have no speed loss with them in the system

My transfer speeds are :

– sending from PC to drive on Live Plus:    4 mbps

– receiving file from Live Plus drive to PC:  7 mbps

I am replacing the router with a new one this weekend that has wireless n.  Hopefully, the guts in it for the wired LAN part are “new and improved”, and I will see an improvement in speed other than in wireless mode.  We’ll see.

Define slow?

At some point TonyPH will chime i here and link to his dissertation on this topic but the core of the Gig ENet misunderstanding goes like this.  The spec for Gigabit ENet defines the maximum transmission speed in a theoritically pure environment; pure means that evey peice of the infrastructure is certified to operate at Gig speeds; the phyceiver, the MAC quality, the cabling, the environment itself, the drivers, the weather, your sister’s cat’s first name.

In a consumer or even a prosumer environment you’ll never see all of those planets lined up.