IS the EX4 DLNA compatible

I have 4 ea WD20EARS drives with movies on them. Will this drive work for Smart TV’s and streaming video in a MY CLOUD situation. Is there a better drive container I should look at? 

Yes, the EX4 is DLNA compatible.

However, you do have to remember that in streaming movies via DLNA that the EX4 does not transcode videos and you have to take into consideration both the limitations of DLNA and your “Smart TV”.

Depending on the format of you movies they may not play over DLNA on you TV.

I guess my next question is…Is there a better choice in My Cloud type drives for my 4 ea WD20EARS drives? Trying to figure out what to buy. Thanks.

Well, there are a lot of RAID storage NAS out there and like any thing else you’ll probably get 100 different answers from 100 different people, as for a “better choice” I can’t say.

But if your primary concern is streaming over DLNA then you are going to find the same issues with the EX4 as you will on pretty much any other NAS.  Because as I said you limitations are with DLNA and your TV.

But your best bet is that no matter what NAS you go with you would come out better going with a media player that implements SMB, NFS or FTP streaming and can decode multiple format types, rather than your TV for streaming.   That way you are not limited by your TV or DLNA.