Is the data uploaded to WD servers in the background?


I wonder if the data in my device is being uploaded to WD cloud periodically? Or it only stays in my device.

I started to ask this question because the device sometimes starts to work for hours and hours , making noise even when I am not using it at all. My computer is off and my phone gallery has no update (these are the only 2 device I connect)

Like now, it started 1 hour ago for no reason when my computer was off.


The data stored in WD My Cloud NAS drives always store in the device itself, not store on WD servers. The settings and configuration details are managed by WD Servers and, the only internet is the way or medium using which data can be accessed or shared to users from WD NAS drives.

Sometimes, there may be system check or configuration check processes are running due to which it appears that NAS device is working while data is not accessing from the drive.