Is that true, that know all about my data?

I´ve got the MyCloud EX2 Ultra.
I read an article (german), that the wd mycloud technology (altough I usa a local network and deaktivate the remote access) copy all data via the That is not what I expect from privacy, so that I coud stay with dropbox.

Is that true? I need just a local space in my network via afp. Pio: Security and Privacy. If WD cannot guarantee thats, sorry. But until now I just know that rumor.

Do you know more?
LG, Wolf

If you are having a specific My Cloud EX2 Ultra problem you may want post your problem/question to the dedicated EX2 subforum. This subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud units.

Please post a link to the article that makes the claim you are indicating they are making. The web portals are NOT copying contents from your My Cloud to some remote cloud location. In general terms they are just a web based portal to facilitate and route a remote user to your local My Cloud.

This is primarily a user to user support forum. We only know what either WD occasionally reports to this subforum or what others have deduced through various means.

No, that’s nonsense.

Your data is only stored on your device, and nowhere else.

The ‘cloud access’ uses a DDNS service, provided by WD, to connect remote devices to your mycloud device. In port forwarding mode, the WD servers are only involved for connection; thereafter, data flows between remote and mycloud devices, and WD servers are not involved. In ‘relay mode’, data passes through WD comms (not storage) servers. Data is encryted in transit.

I have a 1Mb uplink rate. I would know if someone was trying to upload the 2.5TB of data on my device…

To the OP: Relax and ramp down your paranoia. From time to time posts similar to yours pop up in these forums. What in the world would WD care about our data and want to copy and store data from all the My Clouds in the world? They would need a data bank bigger than all the major counties in the world – combined. And, what would they want our data for anyway? And what would they want to do with our data? Nothing. Get real for a moment and you will understand how ridiculous this whole concept is.

It´s not the matter!

Besides, does WD collect metadata?


A non-issue for me. What kind of slimeball company do you think WD is to want to steal your data?

OR: What kind of slimeball company do you think Google is to want to steal your data? …