Is Sync/transfer done via internet or direct wireless?

I only have a limited amount of internet data available to use. When I use WD sync or manually transfer files from my computer to My Cloud when in my home and in wireless range of each other, do the files go through the internet therefore using my data or go wireless through the router to each other?

If you’re transferring files locally within your home LAN/WLAN subnet, then there’s not internet data usage. Internet data usage will occur when you’re accessing/transferring files on MyCloud out from your home using the service.

But do note that internet data usage may still apply if you’ve setup WD apps on your mobile device i.e. smartphone/tabs to auto-backup/sync back to your MyCloud at home.

Wow thank you for the response . I just got a Mycloud and transferred a lot of files and got an email from my cable company that I exceeded my data usage.They said I was hacked and It never came accross my mind about the cloud storage . So I should transfer files from my wifi rather then remote to save data?

If you have limited internet data, then yes please use wifi only for MyCloud external transfers and mobile sync.