Is SMB v1.0 always enabled in EX2U?

May be lame question but anyway:

In My Cloud setting under Network I have Max SMB Protocol set to “SMB 3”.
From my limited knowledge that should mean EX2U have to accept only SMBv3 connection requests with some kind of authentication.

Now in local network when I see MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA and connect it from MS Windows Explorer, I’m asked for credentials (NAS username and password). Those credentials are valid till reboot.

However when I’m connecting EX2U from Android or iOS device (e.g. using VLC media player, OPlayer or some file manager) I can connect and see all directories on EX2U and no credentials ever asked, it just lets me in without any auth.

Also, OPlayer for iOS shows me that EX2U is available as SMBv1 and SMBv3 - it probably scans all available protocols.

I’m somewhat confused - does it mean that EX2U has insecure SMBv1 server always ON no matter what are “Max SMB Protocol” settings? Is it generally safe?

And what is the reasons MS Windows ask for credentials while Android and iOS apps don’t?