Is SMB-2 supported on PR2100 or PR4100


I’m trying to find out whether SMB-2 (and/or later) is supported on the PR2100 and/or PR4100 NAS.

I’ve filled in the WD presales form asking this question twice and so far no reply. The first time was almost 1 week ago! Are WD normally this bad at responding to questions?

Also, I have a single SATA 1GB drive (Seagate: ST31000524AS) from an old NAS.
What are my chances of success, if I simply install this drive into the PRx100? Will it recognise the volume and make the data available on the share?



I have the previous series, DL2100. There is a setting for selecting SMB 1. 2, and 3. I believe the defalt setting was SMB 2. and a few months ago I set it to SMB3. with no adverse affects. Meanwhile,my DL2100 played and plays all my movies to many devices and apps. Bottom line is that the PR series has the same capabilities. And, leave the drive in the NAS alone. The preferred drives are the WD Red series.