Is reset of the SSH password possible by re-applying system update?

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Is reset of the SSH password possible by re-applying the current system update? I’m trying to avoid buying another backup drive or data restoration software.

I could swear I made note of the password I changed the ssh/root admin to, but it no longer works, same for the default password.


The reset button will reset the SSH login to default. Press and hold it for 5-8 seconds and the drive should reboot and the dashboard password will be cleared, SSH will be set back to root/welc0me and network will be set back to DHCP

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From what I have been reading, using the reset button will cause the loss of files I have added to the drive up to this point. Am I mistaken in thinking this?

Yes you are mistaken, the reset button does not delete any data on the drive.

I provided the script below so you can see exactly what it does


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This is called by resetbtnd whenever the reset button has met the criteria for a reset. This script implements the actions for the reset button.


logger “reset button pressed, invoking reset actions”

remove owner password ${owner}

set root password back to default

echo “root:welc0me” | chpasswd

set network to dhcp


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