Is possible do a firmware upgrade through a USB/SATA adapter?


I have this SSD model

After to did do a research in the same WD page, there is available firmware updates for this model.

The reason of this post, the software available by WD is only available for Windows. And practically I use this SSD in Linux, I have other SSDs of the same model in their packages yet and to be installed in Linux too. It either Ubuntu or Fedora.

I want to know if the following idea is viable or not:

  1. Buy a USB to SATA adapter
  2. Install in a laptop A with Windows the WD software to update the firmware and furthermore its own scanner tool. In total 2 sofwares
  3. Remove from the laptop B the current SSD with Ubuntu to be connected to the laptop A through the USB/SATA adapter. Practically how a pendrive or flash memory. Therefore just to use it to scan it and to install the latest firmware. I am assuming that the WD tools are like GParted, I mean able to select the disk and run the software
  4. Do the same as (2) for the others SSDs. Remember they are in their packages yet. Therefore open each pack, connect to the USB/SATA adapter and do the rest … of course only and mostly the firmware update.

Pls let me know if it has sense or is incorrect, if is the latter what would be the recommendable approach? If is viable, pls share the best suggestion of the mentioned USB/SATA adapter to buy it on Amazon.
It for USB 2.0/3.0 and USB type C pls.

Thanks for your understanding

for the most part, a firmware update is uncommon in the modern age as SSD logic is now better checked before manufacturing