Is password protected access on the cloud really protected?

I’ve configured password-access to via the cloud storage, however, I wonder if anyone with the cable could manually access the data on the harddisk via a cable to the physical WD storage? Will they be prompted with a password?

Standard computer security applies. You need to be able to trust anyone who has physical access to the drive.

Local access to the Public share is unprotected.

Local access to private shares should require a password to enable access.

The hard drive itself is not protected (I don’t think the disk is encrypted). So, if stolen, the drive can be removed and accessed. Actually, a system restore may even enable access, since it deletes user ‘accounts’ (anyone care to comment?).

Don’t rely on it to protect sensitive data; if you need to do that, then encrypt the data before you store it. This buys you time (e.g. to change account passwords you may have stored). It does not guarantee the data cannot be accessed: all encryption can be broken, if someone is prepared to try hard enough…