Is online backup possible?

I’m considering getting crashplan, will it backup the mycloud contents? Upload speed for Pogoplug is awful right now so I wonder if automatic uploads by other online backup service is possible. Thanks.


At the moment the My Cloud does not support Online backup.

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Crashplan has told my that a NAS can be backed up as long as it is mounted on a Mac. 

We do support some NAS configurations. Details at our Doc site:

Some backup software know how to backup content that is on mapped drives. But all these solutions are running on the PC, and the data have to move from the NAS to the computer to the online service.

If you are very familiar with Linux you could look at installing the Linux version of Crashplan directly on the NAS. For example:

Note that the guide above is for MyBookLive, but you might be able to find the equivalent for MyCloud…

If you own a business I believe that it might be a good decision to look into online backup services. You can purchase backup services which also replicate your live data and virtual servers, and therefore ensure your ITC systems and data are secured.