Is MyCloudHome horrible? Or am I using it wrong? Folders don't copy

I have had nothing but problems with MyCloudHome. Folders won’t fully copy. Folders won’t delete. This is a nightmare.

I’m on Big Sur and the latest version of the WD Mac App.

I’ll drag a folder over to my WD drive and it takes forever to copy. Finally, when it says it’s done, I’ll look at the original folder and then look at the folder on my MyCloudHome drive and they’re not even close to being the same size.

I’ll also try to delete folders from the MyCloud drive and it’ll try to delete for a while and then give me an error about some files being “locked” or some nonsense.

Now I have to go through ALL my folders that are on my WD drive and cross-reference them with my active originals to see if they’re complete backups.

Has anyone else had MAJOR issues with this drive/software?

You are hardly the first to make an observation along that line. Mr. Profitt was the first in this forum to say that all the way back in Nov 12, '17 and that revelation came to him at 3:00 AM after his struggle with the MCH for 3 months:

Alas, Mr. Profitt and most owners of the MCH don’t know its capabilities and should have either learned to use it or get rid of it early on. This is what is possible with the MCH with a little bit of software and optionally hardware modifications: dragging and copying 700 files with a total 300 MB to private KDDFS space that is shareable online and create a link and optionally delete folder from the desktop in 20 seconds at 110 MB/sec - something Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud or NAS system is incapable of doing from the Windows desktop. If you are trying to reproduce that performance from macOS however, you may run into some roadblocks that Apple has put up.

Thanks for the reply … but my rebuttal is this:
All the tech specs and speed capabilities mean nothing if the basic functionality doesn’t even work.

My original posted question was: why aren’t folders copying the entire data over to the MCH? This is untenable, IMO. This is supposed to be a backup drive and all my backups of my data is incomplete.

Additionally, when using a web browser, I can’t drag and drop folders. I have to move files one at a time.