Is MyCloud Duo done?

I have Home Duo connected to my router, had to issue backing up or streaming video using Plex.
Then out of the blue, it shows offline.

I went through numerous reboots and it finally seems to respond to mycloud app showing what it has with indexing… then it goes off line again.

I can see it’s powered on and the ethernet port shows lights but my router just don’t see it.

Was there recent firmware update that screwed this up? or is my DUO done?

Instead of speculating about the condition of your MCH Duo, you should just download a copy of its and file a support ticket with WD Tech. If you are able, you can read the smartdata log and determine the make and state of the hard disk(s).

Most MCH owners don’t bother to check how their device is doing until they lose it, which is not a great way to have a reliable cloud storage. The age of your Duo is likely to be 3 years or more and certainly it is possible the HDDs are in poor condition, depending on what their models were to start and how they have been in operation.

It is possible to download a copy of the debug_logs even if you only have intermittent connection to the MCH Duo.