Is my WD20EARX toast?

Hi all,

I’ve been having an issue with one of my WD20EARX drives for a while, back story… at first I thought it was the enclosure I had it in that died on me, I had another of the same drive in the same type of enclosure (using both as external backups for my NAS) I moved both drives to a Silverstone dual enclosure with it’s own RAID hardware which I had set to run both drives as separate drives and not in any RAID configuration and this I thought was giving me incompatibility issues with my NAS with one of the drives not showing up and giving drive full warnings on DSM (Synology DS713+), so I bought a pair of Vantec CX enclosures hoping this might get them up and running properly but it seems the issue is one of the drives isn’t working… I should of tested the drive from the dead enclosure in the working one originally but oh well lesson learned.

Anyway I’ve been trying to get this drive to work, it powers up fine, can be seen both by my NAS and PC but it refuses to format on the NAS and both in disk manager and cmd, it just sits on 0%, I’ve installed data lifeguard and it’s given me the s.m.a.r.t report below, no idea what the numbers mean any google didn’t make it much clearer so I’m asking if that gives any indication if the HDD is stuffed?



As a recommendation, test the drives using the WD Dlg tool connected internally on a desktop PC.

Link to app: