Is my WD TV Live Hub Media Player possessed!

My Hub keeps restarting itself whilst I’m using it and every time I put the unit into standby (besides the annoyance of it not releasing the HDMI port) when i go back to it its turned itself back on again !! :angry:

I am a new user to the WD TV Live Hub world only had it a week, I updated to the latest verison of the frimware. I have no locally stored media all media is streamed via Twonky from my WHS 2011.

It seems fairly random as I watched a couple of movies the other night and it was fine and yet i watched one movie and listen to the radio today and its done it twice, once actually during the movie.

Anybody got any ideas…


Do you still have the same issue? Have you try to reset the device?

Wouldn’t this be the issue with the fauly switch, the one talked about in the 10 page thread?

Just wondering cuz  I’m having the same issue.

Don’t you lose all your downlaoded info when you reset it?

Have you checked this thread out? It may be that you have the same router problem  Link

I don’t have a Virgin Super-Hub, or are you talking about the protocol thing?

This is the trhread I’m talking about, seems to be a common problem:

can someone tell me why my light blinks all the time ?

i’m unable to quote your post

-can someone tell me why my light blinks all the time ?

This indicates that the media library is compiling…

That’s what it means normally but what does it mean when it turns on, flashes, turns off by itself?

What does it mean when you can’t turn it on?

What does it mean when you unplug it so you can finally turn it on and stsart watching a movie, then it turns itself off?

What a POC!  :angry: