Is my WD drive broken?

The problem started when I tried to boot into Windows and got an “ummountable boot volume” error.

I have Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux on a dual boot (Linux wonlt boot either - from the hard disk)  . I am wondering whether the disk really is broken though as I can satill run

I have run the WD diagniostics after creating a bootbale floppy and got the messaage “DRIVE NOT READY: ERROR/STATUS CODE 0104”.

However I can still run Ubuntu from CD. Do I really need a new Hard Disk? 

Apologies for typos above. Font is tiny and not used to Linix so don’t know how to enlarge it.

Do a few things first. how long have you had the drive? Did this just happen after it has been working fine? Check cables, make sure it is dusted off. Make sure the BIOS of the motherboard is updated. Does the BIOS see the drive? Does the BIOS show the drive as being OK? Sometimes you can reset the BIOS to DEFAULT, save it, reboot, then go back into the BIOS and set it up the way you want it. Then after all this and everything seems ok, then test the drive again with WD tester. If it still reads an error it may be bad or going bad. But I am not 100% these are just some ideas that popped into mind.

As for Linux running from the CD it is just mostly running from the CD/RAM but if it will see the drive and somewhat access it, then try backing up any thing you can and just do a format and reinstall.

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