Is My Unit Failing?

My WD TV Live Plus (running  1.03.29) has suddenly developed two odd problems:

1)  It won’t play any video file (DVD or any of the flavors of avi) from any of my network computers hard drives.  When I click on a file, it takes a long time to retrieve it and when the file starts to play it stutters and hangs up and is unwatchable.  No problems playing these same files until today.  YouTube and Netflix are OK as are photo files from my LAN.

2)  Tried to do a reset on the unit, but that doesn’t work.  I push on the button, the screen goes blank for a second or two then goes right back to whatever was on the screen before the reset attempt.

Ideas would be appreciated (to say nothing of solutions)

Same happens if you try to play any movie from a USB drive concocted to the WD TV?

No, it plays OK from an attached thumb drive.

After more snooping, I’m suspecting that the problem may lie in my wireless router (which connects to my WD via a wireless bridge).  Connecting another computer to my wireless router (not through the bridge/relay) shows terrible throughput on that machine.

Instead of using the button, try a reset from the SETUP / SYSTEM / DEVICE RESET menu…