Is my new Passport GO overheating?

I just bought a new Passport GO 1TB SSD, and I have noticed that after I was done doing any I/O process on it and still left it connected to my Laptop, it was very hot, even hotter than the laptop.

I dont know if there is a way to get the exact temperature via some software for the Passport GO, but my laptop usually runs 50-60 ºC, so I’d guess the Passport GO was at 60-80 ºC when idle.

Is this normal temperature for an external SSD? I will be doing some heavy I/O processing in the future with my SSD, so I’m afraid it will overheat even more.
So I wanted to know if maybe I got unlucky with a faulty Passport GO and should get a refund from amazon, or if I shouldnt worry about it and the temperature is normal?

Hi @nerov,

Here is the Operating Specification for MyPassport Go drive:

Operating temperature:
0°C to 35°C

Non-operating temperature:
-20°C to 65°C

For more information, please refer to My Passport Go product feature: