Is my MYCLOUD faulty?

Was just listening to music stored on my MYCLOUD when it suddenly stopped, no computers, TV or anything would connect to it - just not there. I pulled the power plug on the MYCLOUD and let it reboot and everything works now. Is this something I should worry about, device is still under warranty.

There is a reset button. It is better to press this than pull the power. Consult the User Manual for details.

As for it disappearing, it could just be ‘software’… It’s an imperfect beast, with a lot going on. Sometimes the software goes wrong. Sometimes that ‘going wrong’ is catastrophic.

Or it could be a hardware fault; disk drive, ethernet interface, memory fault, power supply. Hard to say… What were the front panel and ethernet LEDs doing?

You might run the built-in diagnostics from the Dashboard, and see it that reports anything. And also the notification log, to see if any error was reported (also on the Dashboard).

There are also internal log files, held in the OS side of the file system, only accessible via linux log in via SSH (in /var/log IIRC).

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My suggestion would be to reboot your router first and see if everything reconnects to your My Cloud. See example image below. Was all the LED’s still on when this happened?

If rebooting the router does not work then try other troubleshooting techniques. Does your My Cloud have a static IP address?

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Everything seemed to be working on the device, blue light was on and ethernet lights were working maybe it just locked up, my computers do that occasionally. I did try resetting the router, but the problem was still there

It’s possible that it hasn’t got a static IP address and the router re-allocated it a new one, rebooting reset the request for IP address and it was given its previous address again.

I am beginning to wonder if my router is getting overloaded with all the equipment that it has attached to it. I had to reboot it last night after it locked up, not for the first time. Are more expensive routers capable of handling more traffic? If so what would you recommend (I have a very limited budget). I don’t use the current router for wifi because of its position in the house, I use an old router as a wifi access point for that.

My suggestion for a router would be to look for one that has Multi User/Multi Input Multi Output (MU-MIMO) and Gigabit Wi-Fi.

I have the Linksys WRT3200 ACM.