Is my MyBook dead?

My 3tb MyBook is no longer recognised by my laptop as of this week. The drive spins up, the usb connection sound is made, but the light on the drive case does not become solid, repeatedly blinking, and the drive attempts to spin up a few more times. Instead of being recognised as a MyBook, it eventually registers after several failed spin start attempts as a generic cd drive with no media, and inaccessible.

I have tried the suggested fixes like replacement cables, restarting, etc. I would love to recover and backup this data without paying some tech a lot more than the drive cost me. Any suggestions?

Hi Badbook,

It seems that the drive has gone bad. You can refer the link given below and create the Advance RMA with Western Digital as you do not want to wait for longer time to get the replacement drive. To know about the Advance RMA, you can refer the link provided below.

For step-by-step instructions to create RMA, you can refer the link given below.