Is my HDD dead?

So I had some problems lately with my device, and figured out what’s causing my problems. High disk load.
I enabled SSH and used command iostat to check activity on my device. When HDD usage (%util) goes to 100%, it stays like that for few second, but then it crashes.
I tried to transfer 20GB big folder of pictures to mycloud device, and after 10sec, trasnfer speed went from 100MB/s to 0. Then it went back up a bit and aagain back down to 0 for few sec. After that it didn’t move and mycloud device crashed. I have no more access to it and I get some errors when I try to do anything with it. So I have to unplug power and plug it back in.

As soon as load goes to 100% it simply stops working. And I also heard kinda strange noise from HDD. It sounds like it’s spinning and then stops for 2sec and the start spinning again etc.
It just doesn’t feels right.

I already tried factory defult system only, so I didn’t loose my data.
I will try to make backup somehow and then do full system restore and hope that helps.

Otherwise I think my HDD inside mycloud is dead or broken. Something just isn’t right here.

Any suggestions/ideas?

How long have you had the device?

You might try changing the wall wart PSU; it may be failing, and not able to supply the current to drive the HDD, though I’d expect that to cause brownouts/resets, rather than poor disk behaviour.

I have this device for few months (not more than 5 months) so I still have warranty.
But in my country, to deal with warranty, it just takes so much time before you get anything done. So I’m trying to figure out if there is any way that I could fix it somehow.

I will try to replace wart PSU with some other, but I don’t think that’s the problem here.

Tried to run full hard drive test, but website stoped responding after few secounds, so I can’t even do that.

I will try to copy my files to my PC (at least that work somehow), and then do full system and device factory reset. If also that won’t help, I can only take back my device to shop and wait around 25 days to get new one.

I see your latest post. Looks like your HDD is dead…

Yeah I think so too.
But now that I performed Quick factory reset, I don’t have any problems. At least I think so.
I’m stressing it as much as I can, but I can’t get it to crash.
Did Quick hard drive check and it way okay.

Doing full HDD check now, and will see what results I will get from that.
Could it be bad sector only?

I don’t know how long will this hdd full test take, so I will leave it overnight. If read speed is around 100MB/s, it should take 10 hours to full read all parts of the disk. Same for writing on it … not sure what that test is even doing.