Is my Hard Drive Genuine?

I ordered a 500GB hard drive from with the purpose of upgrading my PS3 and watched some video walkthoughs on how to replace it and I noticed some differences from the ones i saw in the videos The box it came in says WD Blue Notebook. When looking at the hard drive itself I notice it only says WD Blue. PRODUCT of Malaysia. DATE: November 4 2012. MODEL: WD5000BPVT. Do not the see Serial ATA logo. I do not notice see any spelling errors. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Will upload once I find a way to upload from a phone.

Hi was the drive in a factory sealed antistatic bag or did the antistatic bag have tape to close it. Also go to this page and run the warranty check to make sure it is a valid drive with the right warranty.

The drive is in a sealed bag and has a small pack of something called Vitapac in it. I have checked and it says limited warranty which expires in 2014. I have also tried putting the serial number with a different country just to see ands it says out of region which sounds right but still believe it may be fake due to some missing logos.

Looks like the one shown in the link below:

Only difference is it doesn’t say recertified, no P at the end of the date, beneath the WD logo on the top right says instead of and lastly the words at the bottom says WD Blue with BB next to it instead of the one shown in that picture in the link.