Is my drive faulty?

Hi, Can anyone help please.

I have just purchased (two weeks ago) a recertified My Passport Ultra 1tb. Most days when I turn on the computer I get the message ‘WD Smartware error. Backup destination cannot be found. Please reconnect your drive’ (when it is already connected.)

Or I get pop up message saying ‘Error check, We have found errors on your drive. do you want us to repair drive’

When I open Drive Utilities sometimes it is empty with message saying ‘drive not connected’ and sometimes the information is there but when I do a quick drive test it says drive test failed. If I check it an hour or so later or the next day it appears to be working OK without me doing anything.

Is it possible that I have been sent a faulty drive?  Thanks

Possibly, or it could also perhaps be a faulty cable (with an intermittent connection in one of the wires for example).

I’d try it with a different cable if you can, but if not I would look to get the drive replaced (again). Normally the reconditioned ones aren’t bad - I had a MyPassport go bad on me (just sat on the desk, it worked then during a file copy it died) and that got replaced by a reconditioned one which has been going strong ever since (and which I hope I haven’t now just jinxed!).

Thanks Darren.

I will send it back. I have wasted so much time messing about with it.

Will try another manufacturer.