Is My Cloud True Cloud Computing Or Just A Glorified Storage Device?

I have seen the ads for WD My Cloud and it looks interesting. I am in the market for a true cloud solutuion that I can administer myself. 

Is it really a true Cloud service? I.e. can I install and run applications (OSX) on the device or is it just basically a wireless back-up device? 

You can store content and access/stream content remotely securely on OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. You cannot install OSX applications on the device, but you can install various Linux apps if you are very familiar with Linux. Several Linux advanced users report that the configuration of the Linux installation is specific to the device, so installing LInux apps require custom guides that you will find on this forum, or that you can adapt from other WD forums.

It is more than just a storage device. You can add file on any type and access them from anywhere. You can also do backup. For example, I have 3 children each with his/her own share, public share (video/photography), backups, buisness files, game shares etc… and access from anywhere (they are having problems at the moment with remote access  :slight_smile: )/

Before you commit best to read this

Click on each feature (the menu line, features, spec etc) and find out if it meets your need. It does support MAC but whether you can put an app there and run it I am not sure. Although i dont see why not. Mybe Ishould try with my Windows.

good luck.