Is My Cloud router sensitive?

Off the bat, i am a newbie at this. So pardon my ignorance.

I have an Asus router (RT-ACRH-17) here at home that gives out 2.4 ghz and 5ghz signals for my Fiber connection. For some reason i could not set up MyCloud. But I was able to set it up in our office where there is a DSL line and i guess a router that does not give out 2 signals. I brought it back home and could not access what i had set up in the office.

Can the My Cloud be set up and attached to the Asus RT-ACRH-17 router?

Why is it that i was able to set it up in my office and could not access what i set up here at home?

What do i need to do so that i can start to store files into My Cloud? Is this compatible or i need to buy another kind of WD?

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!

The MYCloud does not have WIFI. It needs a cable connection to the router.

Thank you for the reply.
A cable is connected to the router.
The My Cloud has a solid blue light on it.

Solid blue light indicates that it is up and running.

Start by reading the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to setup the My Cloud and use its various features and options. This includes how to use Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder to copy files to from the My Cloud on the local network and how to access the My Cloud remotely using the WD provided apps/software/ web portal.

Also visit the My Cloud Learning Center that has additional information and videos on how to use the My Cloud.

Thank you. Doing that.

At home what PC/Devices are you using, Windows, Apple, Linux etc.?

At your work what PC/Devices were you using?

Hi Cat

At home and at work i am using the same laptop - MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra.
My home has an asus router FIBR connection and my office has a router from our service provider (no brand) DSL connection. I was able to configure it in the office.

After reading Bennor’s suggestion - i connected the My Cloud to a non Asus router and i was able to access the My Cloud thru the web. But when i try to save some files on it, it says “WDMyCloud could not be opened because the original item can’t be found”