Is My Cloud causing my wi-fi drop out?

My Acer Revo RL80 was updated to Windows 8.1 about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after, my broadband went off and I had to get my ISP to send an engineer to resolve. My ISP got my service up and running yesterday, but I now keep getting the limited connection message. I also noticed that the IP address of the My Cloud device changed, as I was unable to access the dashboard.

The wi-fi drop out only seems to occur when I am transferring large files to the My Cloud device - all other devices using the wi-fi (iPhone and iPad) remain connected so it’s definitely not the router causing the problem. I’m also able to access the files through the WD app and can playback videos perfectly fine.

I’m aware of the dreaded ‘limited connection’ fault on Windows 8.1, which I only upgraded to about 2 weeks ago. Just wondering if it’s a coincidence that the limited connection message appears when I am transferring large files (over 5gb) and that my IP address for the My Cloud changed after my broadband service was resolved? I transferred a smaller file (2gb) no problems. Or is this just a Windows issue and noting to do with My Cloud?


Hi andy, see if the following link helps.