Is my Caviar Black failing?

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this 1To Caviar Black HDD (WD1002FAEX) for 2 and a half years and I use it as a storage drive for movies, pictures, etc… as my OS is on an SSD. But lately it’s been acting strangely with very slow read speeds (around 2-3MB/s) and sometimes odd noises.

I ran the DataLifeguard diagnostics and the SMART info tells me everything is OK but when I ran the quick test I got an error not 10 seconds in, I’ve tried it several times with similar results. I tried it with HDTune and same thing here, the SMART info tells me the drive’s health is OK but when I try to do a benchmark it fails miserably at 23%, every time.

I still have to try switching from to another SATA connector on the MB and possibly using another SATA cable just to be sure. 

I’ve uploaded a screen shot of the different tests :

Is my drive failing ?

Hi yes it is when you see the lines in Hd tune up and down it is having problems reading sectors so you need to RMA the drive you can check Warranty status and start the RMA from here.  It also has current pending sectors so there is only a RMA solution.  .

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Thanks Hammey,

I’ll start the RMA right away.