Is "My Book Studio for Mac" reliable?

I’ve read the reviews and now I’m afraid to purchase a “My Book Studio 1 TB External Firewire 800/400” for Mac.

I do not have Time Machine because I still have OS X 4.11 (Tiger). The Apple store suggested I get the older Leopard for my Mac  which has Time Machine to help with transfering files. After reading the reviews on line here,  I’m afraid to purchase the above external Drive. I have never done a back-up on my Mac and it’s 4.5 yrs. old now and I think I’m walking on ice!

As I said on the other thread, backing up is always a good idea.

Having experienced the My Book Studio on my system, I strongly regret buying it and will never buy WD disks again. My preference is for external hard drives that are simply there for storage. Not ones that thrust their own software at you and make it impossible to remove it.

Time Machine should work with most disks -  I personally like LaCie hard disk products and have used them for years.

Good luck.


I am using WD My Book Studio 2TB and My Book Essential 500GB

with my Macbook Pro 10.6.2 OS and they are working very well.   

I am only backing up my data because they are the most valuable one.

I use them to move data from home to work.

I use it to store some of videos I made and show them to my friends

WD MyBook Studio is very attractive looking.

It has capacity gauge, USB, Firewire 400/800.

It also has a customize label windows to put our name there.

WD Smartware software bundled with the drive is working just fine for the beginner.

You have choices to use its software or not to.

You can just use it as an external drive like I do.

I would highly recommended to anyone.