Is my 2TB EADS working right? slow transfer speed?

I have my new WD20EADS installed in my 5 year old Emachine P4 PC. I’t did have sata port’s on MB but no Sata out of PSU so I’m using a molex-sata adapter to power it. I attached my 500 GB 2.5 size external hardrive via USB  and copied it’s contents to WD20eads drive. The contents were about 50 mkv files that were about 10 GB each. This took 8hrs. I’m using XP and XP doesn’t seem to show me file transfer speed but is this acceptable speed? 

External hard drives attached to a USB 2.0 port achieve transfer rates of around 20MB/s, on average.

Your transfer rate is …

50 files x 10GB / file / (8 x 60 x 60) seconds = 17.4 MB/s

I’d say that was about what you’d expect.

The 2TB EADS drives have  4096 cluster size.  They are known to have issues with XP.  The partitions don’t always lign up right.  Supposedly there is a utility to fix it.  Under Linux I had to delete the partition and re-creadte it (under Vista) and teh CPU usage halved.  WD seems to have a problem admitting that there are issues.