Is it worth to update FW of my passport essential usb 3.0?

Recently bought this drive and through the  device manager > device properties > details it shows as HW ID 1.01A01 which i think is the  FW version .  But this is only a guess. Dont know which is the latest FW version and what  update it will bring. It has been 3 days since my purchase and this boy is doing its job fine but its too earlier to comment on the performance now.

Is it worth updating to the latest FW  or i shall leave it intact. The device manufacturing date is 2/2012. So i am assuming its using the latest FW. Moreover i am not using the smartware or whatever app it came with . But to be safe, i have moved it to my desktop PC. Do i need these in any situation or shall i delete it ?.

thanx in advance…

Unless you are having a problem with the drive I would not do the firmware update. I don’t update mine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.