Is it still possible to buy the WD Streaming Live?

Is it still possible to buy the WD Streaming Live ? All stores are ‘out of stock’ and the WD store itself just shows a blank page when I select the unit.

If not is there a newer or similar model available ?


from the WD store ? i would say No.

The WDTV Live Streaming Media Player was replaced with the WDTV Media Player (released 2014)

it’s identical hardware … but it no longer supports Netflix.

If you need a WDTV Live Streaming with Netflix, then Ebay would probably be the only place

Thank you Joey.

I have not been able to find either the streaming or the 2014 media player. . Using the WD store finder all stores came up as ‘out of stock’. Other than a few overpriced offerings at over $200.00 there is nothing but referbs available.

Is this just not being supported by WD anymore ? I don’t see the point in investing over twice the price I originally paid for a product that is being dropped.

Last WDTV Live Streaming update was 11th August 2014
Last WDTV Media Player update was 16th December 2014

so nearly 2 Years of no updates / fixes / serivces etc

Personally, i’ve moved on, and almost everyone i know has as well.

Thanks again,

What Media Player(s) have you and others moved on to ?

I mostly need a unit that can play ISO movie files from a USB connected HD, as my WD Live did