Is it safe to remove all my hdd?

Hi, I’m new in this forum. I have i problem, I have My Cloud EX2 with 2x2TB WD HDD RED with raid 0.
Now I want to remove all my HDD and replace with 1 new HDD (i need to access this hdd). And if i put back my 2x2TB WD HDD RED, will it be back like before? Is it safe?

Sry for my bad English…Thx…

no it wont work. As the device is configured to operate your 2 drives. And only way if you want to read a drive is to mount it in the desktop

The RAID 0 is combination of 2 drives so that either will fetch your data unless both are working.

Why did u set up Raid 0 MODE it is not redundant array. its basically stripping of both hdd into 1 drive. If either fails you cant get any of the data It is risky.

Only raid 0 are used in places where performance is matters like temp copying files at high speed and later retrieving back for some editing purpose. Not for the long run.