Is it really worth the buy MBL..outdated MKV playback..slow file transfer

Hi guys,

My thoughts before I purchased MBL is an option would be provided to easily facilitate transfeering of files easily and faster without a router…I understand the need for a router to be used along with MBL but not with tranferring of files.

Is there any means of DIRECT connection from MBL straight to computer.

I have over 1.5TB files and it will takes ages to complete process.

Secondly, my MBL has been continously blinking non stop…Temperature is very ok, still have over 200gb space left out of 2TB. what could be cause of this…I am getting concerned the continous blinking indicates danger or something. I would also like to point out that it appears the blinking started after I finished transferring some files.


Connecting via your PC directly versus connecting via your router (assuming they’re all Gig, and assuming your router is of decent specs) won’t have a bit of impact on transfer speeds.

Red the manual.  If it’s blinking green, all is OK.