Is it really this kludgy or do I have a lemon?

With WD Discovery, using Windows Explorer properties on a directory, the size is always 0. It only counts the files in the immediate directory, but not sub-directories. Even IBM DOS was smarter. WD Backup doesn’t recognize the drive. Pretty useful for a backup drive! I can drop and upload files… it takes a long time, perhaps 20x longer than if I was to do the same with MyBookLive, or even the dinosaur MyBookWorld! I thought I would be able to go from a MyCloud device to the MyCloudHome device seemlessly. Nope… it doesn’t find the MyCloud NAS devices. Is this supposed to be an upgrade for WD Passport, (my experience is back those up frequently–they fry out quickly)? Or an upgrade from WDMyCloud, a much better NAS device, (MyCloudHome is not a NAS device, it just pretends), it appears to be an almost worthless product. It makes a nice nightlight, maybe.